Guardianships Code of Practice

Our Guarantee and Code of Practice

  1. To fully represent the student and take responsibility for all matters of welfare whilst in the UK.
  2. To make the appropriate decision with professional guidance regarding to emergency medical treatment.
  3. To represent the interests of the student in the courts of the UK, in the Immigration offices and police and other legal institutions.
  4. To provide accommodation for the student in case of illness, suspension or expulsion from school.
  5. To register the student with a local family doctor and arrange public liability insurance cover for the student of not less than GBP one million pounds sterling (£1,000,000.)
  6. To represent the student’s best interest with the school authorities in the case of
    academic or pastoral problems.
  7. To authorise purchase for the student of all items required by the school including
    school uniform, books and equipment, bedding, telephone cards, sports and musical
    equipment if approved by the parents. The cost of all purchases from the school will
    be paid directly by the parents with the school fees.
  8. To make the necessary travel arrangements between the guardian family and school as required for holiday, parental visits etc.
  9. To arrange transfers to and collection from the airport for return to their home country for holidays as and when required.
  10. To ensure that all legal documents and visas are kept up to date and renewed as
  11. To supervise the student’s finances to ensure that the student has adequate funds for daily expenses and that all school bills are paid.

What we require from the parents (or agents if appointed by the parents)

Legal Requirements

To fully authorise Concorde International Guardianships to act on their behalf in relation to any matters as listed above.

Information to Concorde International Guardianships

To use your best efforts to provide us with full and accurate information about the student, their requirements and travel arrangements, as far as possible ensuring that we have any such information before any deadline that we may reasonably set. We also need to know if they have any special needs or learning difficulties.


To arrange insurance cover according to EC guidelines for travel insurance for all students. We have our own policy providing fully comprehensive cover. Details available on request.


To ensure that the payment terms shown in our brochures, or any other agreed arrangement, are adhered to.


To observe our terms and conditions regarding cancellation fees.

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