Below are a number of testimonials provided by our teachers around the world. This will give you an insight into why Concorde International is such a special organisation whose main aim is to nurture development through language.

Student Language Courses

“I have been dealing with Concorde International for the past ten years now and it has been an honour and a privilege to deal with such an esteemed company.

The choice of students that were sent to me for learning or improving their English were of different nationalities but mostly Japanese. It has been such a wonderful experience for me to meet and teach these extraordinary people, from all walks of life whilst getting to know them better during lessons and thereby gaining a wealth of knowledge about their customs, traditions and also personal life experiences.

No words can express my sincere gratitude to Concorde. I love my job and through them my life has become richer in every aspect, more fulfilling and rewarding indeed.

This has been a positive experience all along and without a shadow of a doubt I highly recommend Concorde International to interested host families or potential students who are considering a home tuition course.”

Teacher Testimonial

“Having worked in the tourism sector for years, I have never come across such professionalism Concorde International offers: not only is it a one-stop shop that caters for students’ accommodation and tuition under one roof but most importantly emphasises on the welfare of students who utilise its services.
It is so fulfilling that I am able to use my talents and skills and form part of a dedicated team.

The agency’s program allows students to learn, grow and thrive in a way that is custom designed for each and every student to succeed. I have seen many students
benefit from this program over the years.

It's reassuring to deal with a competent and efficient agency, who you can trust and I would recommend to anyone wanting to have the experience of a lifetime – a truly outstanding choice.

What makes working with Concorde International so unique is the strong team approach.”

Business Language Course to learn English for Stressful Careers

“I have been teaching for Concorde International Home Language Tuition since 2004. During this period of time I have been very pleased to welcome, into my home, students from many different countries. We have had Italian customs officers, French air traffic controllers and many interesting students from the Middle and Far East. It has been a great pleasure to successfully prepare them for demanding examinations and also to polish their language ability for demanding positions, within their individual organisations. There is little doubt that English is now the 'Language of business'. This requirement, for senior members of national and international organisations, who do not speak English, has placed enormous pressure on staff requirements. It has been a great pleasure to see such people master the demands of the language and, in a relatively short period of time, gain the confidence to communicate in  English. I have recently been teaching a mother, who has been notified that she will soon require the English language to continue her professional career and her young son who delights in his ability to improve his knowledge of the language. They have now, thanks to Concord International Home Language Tuition, learned how to work together to practice and improve their language ability. I was very pleased to help the air traffic controllers improve their language ability, particularly when they were able to illustrate many fatal errors caused by poor language communication. I sincerely hope that we can continue to work with such professional organisations, who need to maintain a high standard of language ability.”   

English course in Hawaii

“Teru lived with us for 3 weeks in 2010. He wanted to improve his English as he was hired to work in a company in the Philippines where English was the primary language. We had a very successful visit and his English improved immensely. He has been working and speaking English everyday now for 2 years without any problems.

He also enjoyed many activities in Hawaii. We went surfing and hiking as well as enjoying the many attractions in Waikiki. We visited museums and met with other young people who he could associate with while he was here. He really had a good time and we have remained friends and correspond regularly via email and Facebook.

I hope to be able to have another wonderful student like Teru in the future.”

100% Speaking English


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