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With its 24,000 island, the Stockholm archipelago is a unique place to spend time all the year round. Many of the islands in the archipelago can be reached by boat. In the summer many feature famous and less well known restaurants. Local produce, of exceptional quality and often organically grown, provides inspiration for talented chefs. The whole area provides wonderful facilities for fishing, sailing, swimming, water skiing and every type of water sport imaginable.

In the winter it is the time to visit Stockholm’s many museums, art galleries, theatres and shops. Stockholm is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts and most shops are open seven days a week and accept all major credit cards. Never before has the selection of first rate restaurants been so large.



Oslo has a population of nearly 500,000, 20% of the country’s population, and lies on the same line of latitude as Anchorage in Alaska. Because, however, of the warming effects of the Gulf Stream, the climate is moderate, and with good snow between December and April, there is excellent skiing in the hills around Oslo.

Forest and fjord surround Oslo and in the summer these provide excellent walks and trips of breathtaking beauty. The fish are plentiful and sailing in the fjords is an experience not to be missed.

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