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Bath, a city so beautiful and special that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Independent, creative, unique and stylish, Bath is the only place in the UK where you can bathe in naturally hot spa water and visit 2,000 year old original Roman Baths, making it the ultimate spa break destination for thousands of years.

Brighton and Eastbourne

Students at the beach
Students at the beach

Sometimes called "London by the Sea" Brighton is a famous and lively seaside resort that has been used by Londoners for hundreds of years. Home of the famous Royal Pavilion built for King George 1V. Eastbourne is further along the South Coast of England and is a popular resort for holidaymakers from all over England.


Attractions in Bristol are all about the 'Bs': Brunel, boats, bridges, bikes and beautiful countryside.

Everywhere you turn there is something spectacular to see and do in Bristol.

The city is steeped in history and the historical and heritage sites, like Bristol Cathedral and the Lord Mayor's Chapel, are not to be missed.


The other great university city of England. The first college, Peterhouse, was founded in 1304. Elegant colleges of mellow brick and stone glow in the soft autumn sun against a backdrop of punts on the River Cam. In the surrounding countryside are villages with peaceful churches and riverside pubs. Both Oxford and Cambridge present a living history of England from its earliest days.


Student in Canterbury
Student in Canterbury

Another lovely city with one of the oldest cathedrals in England. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of the Anglican Church. Chaucer’s "Canterbury Tales" was amongst the first published books in Europe. Medieval and Tudor buildings combine with modern shops and restaurants. The city dates back to Roman times and the city wall, which still stands, is a mixture of Roman and Norman.


Visit Buckingham Palace, home of the Royal Family, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the Tower of London, Madame Tussaud’s, the London Eye, Hampton Court, home of Henry V111, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the British Museum and the Science Museum, amongst many other attractions. Watch a show at one of the many theatres, eat in restaurants featuring food from all over the world.

The New Forest, Bournemouth and Salisbury

The New Forest was the inspiration for the tales of Alice in Wonderland. In the Salisbury area is Stonehenge and some of the oldest pagan sites in England. Bournemouth is an elegant seaside resort very popular with visitors from all over England.


One of England’s two great university cities. The university started in the 11th century and was an important centre for law, theology, mathematics and philosophy. The streets, houses, colleges and churches and chapels represent a carefully documented catalogue of English history. Famous for its bookshops, restaurants and pubs, Oxford is a lively cultural centre and offers a wide range of performing arts.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

Described by many as the loveliest town in the South of England. In this area are some of the finest towns, villages and countryside in the UK, yet it is only about 30 minutes by train into London. Ashdown Forest is the home of Winnie the Pooh. Crowborough was the home of Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes.

Stratford Upon Avon

Birthplace of William Shakespeare and home of the Royal Shakespeare Company. The plays of William Shakespeare are performed around the year at three Royal Shakespeare Theatres. It is also the family home of George Washington, first president of the USA. In the surrounding countryside are many of the beautiful castles, palaces and stately homes of Medieval and 17th and 18th century England.

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