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Dublin can claim to be one of the most beautifully situated of the world's capitals, located in the wide plain overlooked by the legendary Wicklow Mountains and facing a broad sweeping bay that leads into the Irish Sea. The city has a population of a million people which is about a third of the total population of the country. Dublin is the centre of government, commerce and industry and it is the seaport of the River Liffey. It was with the coming of the Vikings in 841 that Dublin started as a town. Dublin is a city for walkers, talkers and a city where the people are as worth watching as the architecture.

Moore Street is a thriving street market off Henry Street. The women here with their prams and battered baby carriages filled high with a variety of fruit, toys or bric-a-brac, are descendants of the infamous Molly Malone, a street trader of the 18th Century. The street traders today, as then, are renowned for the food humour, loud voices and sharp witted banter.

Music is never too far away in Dublin. The streets are full of talented buskers and Grafton Street on a Saturday afternoon is virtually impassable for the crowds surrounding the young musicians. One of the most attractive features of Dublin nightlife is the music and singing pubs. Visitors will find that Dublin is a place of great cultural and historical interest. As the birthplace of Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, Samuel Beckett and many other renowned writers, Dublin often featured in their books. Numbers of truly great writers became part of Dublin's heritage.

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