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Famous for its art, history and landscapes, Tuscany is a region where the past and present meet in perfect harmony. The great art centres of Florence, Pisa and Siena and the medieval towns of San Gimignano and Pienza bear witness to a thousand years of history, culture and art. The green hills of Chianti, the beaches on the Tyrrhenian coast, the rocky heights of the Apuan Alps and the snowy peaks of the Apennines surround an area that is steeped in the history and culture.


On a gondola in Venice
On a gondola in Venice

The city started when the inhabitants of the Venetian cities on the mainland took refuge on the islands of the Adriatic lagoon to escape the ferocity of the invading Huns and Vandals from the North. At the beginning of the fifteenth century it was one of the richest and most powerful states in Europe. Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance styles dominate the architecture and art of the city. World famous for its canals, gondolas and bridges.

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