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In the Canterbury region we are able to offer long term home tuition courses to prepare students for attending English boarding schools.

21st January 2019 — The students stay with Mrs Louise Hamlin-Wright and her husband John Chapple.

Louise and John are both home tuition teachers and have taught for us for many years.

With more than 30 years teaching experience, they have hosted many students and are particularly proud of the students that have gone on to attend English boarding schools and universities, they have had great success in preparing their students.

They accompany the students to Open Days at local boarding schools in the Canterbury area (The King’s School, St. Edmund’s, Kent College, etc.), as well as teaching English they also coach the students on how to pass the entrance exams. They also teach interview techniques and etiquette.

Louise and John are currently available to host students for long term home tuition courses.

If the parents wish their son or daughter to attend an English boarding school from September 2019 we recommend that the student is placed with Louise and John as soon as possible. This then realistically gives the student enough time to make great progress and achieve their goals.

We would recommend a minimum of 16 weeks and longer courses also available (up to 6 months).

For long term courses of 16 weeks or more we would offer you:

  • FREE return transfers to and from the local airport
  • FREE registration with the local authorities form long-term students

If you would like to express an interest in one of our long term home tuition courses please contact us.

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