Feedback from our Spanish clients.

Maria, one of our Spanish students

Clases individuales y cursos de idiomas intensivos en casa del profesor en: Inglaterra, USA, Alemania, Francia e Italia.

5 de Septiembre del 2018 — Por favor contáctenos para más información.

  • Uno de los miembros de la familia es un profesor cualificado que impartirá las clases individuales en casa – de 3 a 5 horas diarias.
  • Además, convivirá con la familia, comunicándose en el idioma elegido.
  • Vivirá totalmente inmerso en la cultura y vida familiar del país.
  • La forma perfecta y natural de aprender un idioma.

Please also see below a sample of some of the testimonials we have received from Spanish students who have completed home tuition courses this summer.

I’m very satisfied with all the family because I have a lovely teacher, also I learnt a lot. I love the house that I’m staying. I went to beautiful places, so I recommend stay with this lovely family!

Aleix (aged 14), from Spain (East Sussex – July/August 2018)

It’s great to spend only 2 weeks and see this big progress.

Max (aged 15), from Spain (East Sussex – July/August 2018)

My worst one before coming here was speaking and pronunciation, but in my stay, my teacher and I have been working hard to improve it and we have done it so I am very satisfied.

Pau (aged 14), from Spain (East Sussex – July/August 2018)

It was really great. I’ve learned a lot and I’m very pleased with everything. Apart from the lessons which were excellent, we did many visits to different places which were fantastic and I really liked them. The family was very polite and I didn’t have any problems.

Emma (aged 16), from Spain (East Sussex – July/August 2018)

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