Teacher and Regional Supervisor profile: Louise Hamlin-Wright and Teacher profile of her husband, John Chapple

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Located in Kent between Ashford and Maidstone in a detached house in the countryside, Louise Hamlin-Wright and John Chapple have over twenty years experience of teaching English to foreign students of all ages from 9 to over 70, from complete beginners to University students and business men and women.

8th November 2018 — There is horse riding nearby. There are also many footpaths nearby. They have two small friendly dogs who are taken on walks. There are bicycles for all ages, and students can use them* to ride the footpaths and local lanes. There is a swimming pool in Ashford.

In their house, there is free Internet access and there are a number of laptops, pcs and printers that students may use. They have a very large library of DVDs, on Art and on the learning of English. Also an Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

From Ashford station, the train journey to London takes only about 35 minutes, so this is ideal for a visit to London for a day at the weekends, for instance. Louise Hamlin-Wright's interests are Literature, cooking, dress design and Art. John Chapple's interests include Technology, Astronomy, Science and sports such as weight training, table tennis, badminton, swimming and cycling.

Although they are in the English countryside, trips are made by car to the local towns at least several times to week. Students from Europe can arrive and depart from Ashford International Station if this is suitable for them.

*Subject to their ages and accompanied and with permission from their parents if necessary.

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